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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

101 Things About me

  1. I am obsessed with the colour pink. It really does make me feel better and makes your skin look better. I just love it.
  2. Many of my friends really do call me "Princess". It started as a bit of a camp joke and now it has stuck.
  3. Other than toes and fingers, I have never broken a bone. (this changed in November 2008, broke my ankle when drunk. It will never heal. of the joys)
  4. I am a klutz. It is a rare week where I don't trip and fall in public 
  5. I am obsessed with handbags. My first one was a Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Papillion when I was 16. The collection is now close to 100.
  6. I went to an all girls school from nursery school to the end of high school.
  7. I'm hard of hearing, that's why I speak so loudly.
  8. I am not obsessed with shoes, although many people think that I would be.
  9. I have bought a few baby outfits that I just love over the last ten years for when I do have my own baby (only 3, but it's still weird and probably some sort of bad omen).
  10. I don't buy groceries. I can't do it. Never have. I buy for the day if I need them, otherwise I end up throwing out too much food.
  11. I buy the InStyle Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings issues every time and save them in case I ever get married. (Bad omen number 2 perhaps???)
  12. I have a horrible ability to name musicians.  I like all sorts of music, but ask me what and I can't tell you.
  13. I have never really dated.
  14. I commit to so much volunteer work because it keeps me away from focusing on my own life and issues.
  15. I love stationary. Cards, wrapping paper, writing paper - everything.....
  16. I am my truest self when I am volunteering at a camp for kids with cancer
  17. I love Target and buy a ton there.
  18. I am addicted to "Non-fat, no-foam, extra hot lattes" at Starbuck's.
  19. I find it hard to handle and uncomfortable when a man finds me attractive.
  20. I was never in a sorority, although everyone who knows me is surprised to hear that. They didn't want me, if you really want to know the truth. I told everyone that I didn't want them. I think that I am glad that they didn't want me. I am better off without those girls.
  21. I love linens. I think because they always fit!!
  22. My father thought I was fat when I was a child (around 5 yrs old and up). I don't see it in any of the pictures. I think him telling me that for so long, has made me struggle with my weight and be overweight now. It's like he was prophesying my future.
  23. I rarely wear my glasses or contacts, even though I need them.
  24. I love watching t.v.
  25. I am a cancer, through and through - caring, moody, sensitive, emotional, loyal, resourceful etc.
  26. I get a mani every week and a pedi ever other week with my special combination of Bubble bath on the bottom and Sweetheart nail polish on top (OPI). Heaven forbid I use a standard colour.
  27. I've never kept a diary.
  28. I love to wear big beautiful hats to weddings and events. I work with a fabulous milliner in Toronto.
  29. I love to knit.
  30. I want more than a child, I want a family.  Husband, children, family. 
  31. I didn't have any hair on my head until I was 3 years old. Then it came in blond and in ringlets.
  32. I am building an 8 bedroom dollhouse mansion. I was not allowed to have one as a child. This is me taking my life into my own hands.
  33. I have been nick-named MIT forever. It stands for Mother in Training, because I am instantly looking after everyone around me.
  34. I'm a Conservative/Republican through and through.
  35. I'm envious of many of the woman who's blogs I read, with perfect lives, perfect children and perfect grammar.
  36. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the normal day, however I struggle to eat it everyday. High Tea is my favourite "Special Occasion" meal. I go anywhere and everywhere they serve it - The Ritz or Four Season's in any city, the local tea house.....
  37. I can't spell to save my life - god bless spell check.
  38. I use to teach Sunday School so that I could get out of the church service and also get to play with kids.
  39. I can be a real bitch it I don't eat regularly.
  40. I'm addicted to my Blackberry and even check it in the middle of the night.
  41. I seek out socks with bobbles on the back of them circa 1975.
  42. I am a messy person.
  43. I aspire to be on the most powerful non-profit boards in the country.
  44. I love Hagen Daas Coffee Ice Cream. If I allowed myself, I could eat a whole tub in one sitting
  45. I am a Swiss Citizen.
  46. I love the beach. Nothing like white sand and crystal blue water.
  47. Broccoli is my favourite vegetable.
  48. I love the Ritz Carlton and Four Season's Hotels. Thanks to very generous parents I have stayed in the majority of them.
  49. I love silk scarves, in particular Hermes scarves. I love the way they look, I love the way they feel against my skin.
  50. I secretly love my Ugg's, however I will deny it in public at all costs.
  51. I wore a pink tutu under my kindergarten uniform for a whole year.
  52. I lived in Paris when I was 16 for 6 months.
  53. I often go to restaurants and movies on my own.
  54. I have suffered from migraines for over 12 years.
  55. I take adult Ballet Classes.
  56. My worst hair moment was when I was 21 and my hair dresser gave me a bowl cut. Yes, the exact same hair cut I had when I was 4 years old. I wore a baseball cap to university for 6 months.
  57. I'm a ballroom skier, not into speed or getting myself killed, more into looking good and enjoying myself as I am propelling myself down the hill.  I do "apres-ski" very well.
  58. I could survive on Champagne (preferably pink), Diet Coke, Chocolate, Cheese and Cupcakes forever. (I think that I might need a multivitamin to sustain the above aforementioned diet.)
  59. I think that I am destined to marry an older man (10-15 yrs+).
  60. I love to decorate for the holidays. Pink Christmas trees with themed lights etc....Hannukah themed corner, you name your holiday, I can decorate for it.
  61. My biggest pet peeve is people picking in the pot as I cook. On the same level of annoyance is people eating off my plate. I am happy to share my food with you - just let me put some on your plate for you - thank you very much.
  62. I was the Social coordinator for my private school in the last year that I was there.
  63. I can't lie about the fact that I need to have quite a bit of money to be happy.
  64. I dream of attending Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris/London like my mother did.
  65. I need a lot of personal space both in daily life and also in a relationship. Not so much into being a cuddle monster.
  66. I really think that I was supposed to be Eloise and live at the Plaza when I was a child.
  67. My mother kept the Silver Cross Pram that I had as a child for when I have my own babies. I can't wait to use it.
  68. I am usually very attracted to men who are obscenely intelligent.
  69. I don't watch any soap operas. Never have, never will.
  70. I speak french fluently.
  71. I can be bossy when I want things to go my own way.
  72. I have never had a frozen drink at Starbuck's. I know that I will like them too much and the last thing I need are more calories.
  73. I used to have a widow's walk in my 3rd floor bedroom up until I was 11 yrs old. I would get dressed up and sing like Evita to the masses on the street. I was a slightly dramatic child.
  74. I fell in love with a gay man, which made me lose a year of my life in emotional turmoil.
  75. I would buy Lily Pulitzer's whole collection on the first day it came out if I could afford it.
  76. I hate all types of birds. They are gross, they scare me and their legs are disgusting.
  77. I loved the 80's - treetorns, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, leg warmers, blue eyeliner, leggings, Sixteen Candles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Facts of Life, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Sperry Topsiders, torn denim shorts, Ultraviolet t-shirts....I could go on and on.
  78. I collect cook books that I love to read, many of which I have never actually cooked from.
  79. I can't budget.
  80. I have huge feet - size 11.
  81. I love cufflinks.
  82. I have suffered from chronic depression since I was 16 years old. It comes and goes. I am now on some anti-depressants, so hoping that that helps.
  83. I love to have a tan. I know its not good for me and I have adapted to the use of tanning lotion, but I still love it.
  84. I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced until I left home for University (I was 19 yrs old!).
  85. I can cook and well.
  86. I love vintage costume jewellery and have a ton of it.
  87. My camping days (over 20 years as a camper, counsellor, volunteer) have made it possible for me to teach the following: Canoeing, Kayaking, Swimming, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Water skiing, the list goes on.....
  88. I hate brushing my teeth at night.
  89. I covet, and would probably sell my soul, for a classic black Chanel wool suit with a matching 2.55 bag.
  90. I still wear a retainer at night.
  91. I love to barbecue. I am actually called the "Barbecue Nazi" at our summer house, because I do all the bbq'ing. Stay away from my bbq!
  92. I really like tequila shots.
  93. I am a really good procrastinator.
  94. I am admittedly - very preppy.
  95. I am happiest under water, swimming.
  96. I want an Hermes Birkin. There are few things that I WANT. this is one of them. I do not want to buy said bag for myself.  I would like a lover/partner to buy it for me.
  97. I need to work on my Emotional Intelligence all the time. Its worth it.
  98. I wear a strand of pearls nearly everyday.
  99. I love to entertain.
  100. I live to the the mantra "Il faut sufrire pour etre belle" - you must suffer to be beautiful!
  101. I am very fortunate to have such great friends and family.

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