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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"No sick" winter

I was so ill for 4 months last year, from December 20th until the end of March, it ranged from strep throat to bronchitis to pnemonia.......I have made it my mission to not be sick this winter. So far so good. I am half way through the winter, this being February 19, 2008, and nerrey a cold or flu has infiltrated my body. That being said, I have had this very weird thing happening close to every afternoon, I start to feel sick. Sore throat, fever, headachey ---- that feeling that you have the day or two before you wake up with a cold. I will it away and wake up feeling great.

let's hope that the same will be said for tomorrow as I feel like ass right now. I am hoping that I will have a little sleep and wake up feeling great. That is after I get through my two committee meetings tonight........

1 comment:

coco said...

I hope you don't get ill
I hate that feeling when you know its coming


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