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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gone is the Civility of Easter Friday

In a large city, as Toronto is, there are very few days of peace and quiet. The type of peace and quiet where the city shuts down. Families are forced to actually speak to and spend time with each other, shops and services closed and the city feels serene. It used to be that Sundays were like that. No shipping the family to Costco to pick up 37 rolls of toilet paper and a 3 litre jar of ketchup, but time to go to the park, watch a movie, play with family and Friends. I think that there are only five days like that left in our hectic world - Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving.

These are my favourite days. Christmas Day in New York or London is unlike any other day for me. Peaceful. Quiet. Perfect. The Christmas lights are on, people are walking down the street with parcels wrapped for their loved ones and you can hear yourself think. No pressure to do anything. Easter Sunday, the sun is usually out, its still cold, but the hint of spring is in the air - people are out with their families, little girls dressed in new Easter dresses and shoes.

I have noticed over the last little while and in particular the last week that more and more stores are opening on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The signs all say with reduced hours, but they are still open for business. It makes me sad(please note that my religious beliefs have no influence on this feeling at all). Don't get me wrong, I love to shop, but can we not as a society, spend one day not consuming???

I long for the quiet days of holidays past, with no pressure to run the 17 million errands that I have on my list..............

1 comment:

Technodoll said...

Well... you can always choose to not shop on any day that you want :-) Power to the almighty consumer!

Sun on easter Sunday? Not this year... not here in Montreal, that's for sure.



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