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Sunday, March 16, 2008

"In Treatment"

I have been watching "In Treatment" this morning. for those of you who don't know, "in treatment" is a fantastic show about therapy. premise of the show is that there is a therapist who treats, I think 5, patients. I have only watched 3 episodes and so far we have one woman who has transference of love to the therapist and is cheating on her fiance, one man who is a marine -on leave- after killing a school full of Iranian children on a mission and one girl who is probably supposed to be 15 and is a gymnast who is trying to kill herself.

It is shockingly realistic. The sessions and the interaction of the therapist and the patients is remarkably familiar to me and reminds me of my own experiences in psychoanalysis/therapy. Just as I get frustrated with my therapist when she stares at me and won't say anything, so to do the patients on the t.v., they all struggle with his role and their role and how it all melds together, the expectations that they place on themselves and on the therapist to get the most bang for their buck, the uncomfortableness of the whole experience, the resistance to wanting to go into the depths of your inner self and face the things that are painful and difficult and that you don't want to face yourself...... so familiar its scary.

It is brilliantly written and so so so good. I am thoroughly enjoying that I get to see that the perception of someone else's view into the world of therapy is close to perfectly my own.

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