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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Gifts from "The Most Awesome Stuff Ever"

I sent Jennifer at "The Most Awesome Stuff Ever" a request to help me with a baby gift for my sister. She has come up with some great ideas that you can find here. I particularly love the nighties that have the elastic bottoms. So bloody cute. I heart these in a huge way. She finds out the sex in a couple of weeks, so that will help.

I have been pushy and asked Jennifer again to dig into her bag of tricks and I sent her another e-mail that reads:

this is so great. Thank you..........I'd actually love some items that are more extravagant. Say around the $300 mark and unique. I am really interested in the under $50s that you come up with, but I usually have no real problems on that front. What we are really needing help with are the unique $200 to $400 price range. Any thoughts that you have would be great.????Can't wait to see your list. Thanks, Steph

We'll see if she takes me up on the challenge. I need something for the third week in July, so hopefully I'll come up with something soon.......

I'll post my short list of gift potential soon.

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