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Monday, July 21, 2008

Cipralax - 20mg - working, maybe???

I haven't updated on my new enhanced dose of Cipralex. I started taking 20 mg of Cipralex (up from 15mg) about 3 weeks ago. I think and hope that has started to make a big difference. At least I hope it is. i am not quite as angry. Not quite as on edge. Not quite as sad. I also though have not had one full cycle of hormone flux. Not a whole cycle of PMS which I think will be one of the real tests. That is when things boil beyond the dangerous surface of me having things under control, to me having things totally out of control publicly. I have not had any side effects that I know of. They are more related to the new migraine meds that I am taking Topamax I think. Anyway, I hope that I am on the up and up.

I by no means am having more good days than bad days yet, but I am trying to get there.....

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