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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Martha and the Crazy Scrapbookers

I am working from home today. One of the luxuries of working from home, is that I have the t.v. on in the morning, if I am just at answering e-mail. Martha just came on and she has on an audience of scrapbookers. They are insane. They have spent hours putting together their scrapbooks and cutting out little pictures and letters and stickers and all sorts of craziness. I am overwhelmed and wonder when these woman have the time and the energy. Also part of me is intrigued that they are all seemingly normal individuals who do this. Some of my friends do this and I wonder what their husbands think. So many hours that these individuals spend doing these books. I am all for printing out pictures and putting them in albums, maybe even writing the names of the individuals on the back, but this is insanity. these people need help.....Anyway, just some thoughts.

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