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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Princess's Recommended Read's - Chocolate and Zucchini

Chocolate and Zucchini was my original blog, the one that started it all for me, was Chocolate and Zucchini. I had heard about Clotilde in the New York Times probably 4-5 years ago now and I was fascinated and intrigued by her fabulous story. I loved reading her from the start. Her interesting stories about Paris, her adventures in cooking, quitting her job, writing cookbooks and living her dream are an inspiration. I love her. She has a true following of devoted and amazing readers. who are engaged and helpful in her ongoing adventures.

I would die to go to one of her fabulous dinners in Paris and explore the food shops that she talks about. I just get so engaged and enthralled with her love of food. I can't help but feel like I am back to being a little girl in the throws of Paris, exploring the "Marches" with my great grandmothers cook, Pila. In the early morning, looking for the right asparagus or aubergine to serve at lunch, followed by a trip to the boullangerie for a baguette and a petit pain au chocolat for "mon petite" as Pila used to call me. The memories are all brought to life in this blog. I also feel that Clotilde is a realistic cook. She speaks to substitutions and mistakes in her recipes and makes them attainable for the average cook. She is an absolute pleasure to read.

Thank you Clotilde for being a silent friend and inspiration for so many years. Keep up the good work!!

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