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Friday, September 5, 2008

The inequality of it all

As I was on the subway this morning in a complete and utter daze, due to lack of sleep, migraine and a to-do list that I can't seem to shorten no matter how much I work at it and I was shocked. Shocked at the men that were in my presences. I literally got 3 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed at 5 am and was up at 8 am. I was working on a presentation that I couldn't finish and needed to work through the night.

Anyway, as I spent 20 minutes this morning putting myself together. It was nothing special. I work alone, its a Friday and the thought of wearing yoga wear to work did cross my mind......however, I threw on the dark denim pencil skirt, the black top and threw a 3/4 length sweater in my bag. I brushed my hair, curled it around my fingers, put on some mascara and lipgloss and tada! I stilled looked like shit, but it was a notch above, the rolled out of bed and hopped on the subway look.

What did amaze me was the amount of men on the subway who looked like bums. They were all going to work, a lot of them looked like they did not care about how they looked. I saw 80-90% of woman on the tube who had taken the time (i'm not saying they looked good, god no, but they took the time) to get ready, and 10-20% of the men. How hard is it men???? Throw on some Kahki's or decent jeans, a lacoste or polo shirt, and a pair of decent shoes - even Havianas. You don't need makeup, get a decent haircut, brush your teeth, and your done. what is so difficult?

I think what I came to understand this morning, is that they don't need to care. I threw my fab new sunglasses on and started to look at the men more closely. The majority of them had rings on their wedding finger and others (the ones who looked particularly dreadful - picture shower sports sandals - EWWWWW) were canoodling with women as they went to work. Are we as women so desperate for a man that they just don't need to even self groom or try???? I was disgusted.

Ohhh the inequity of it all..........

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