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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am currently in love with over the knee socks

I am totally in love with over the knee socks. I have been in love with them for a while. I have wanted to buy a pair or 10 for a long time and it took this fab pic of my favourite SJP for me to do it:I just bought a pair exactly like the ones that SJP is wearing in the dark grey jersey and a pair of heather grey cable knit ones that looked too cozy for fall I couldn't resist.

I also bought a pair of the argyle in a grey and black. I put these on this morning and have realized that they are cutting into my non-SJP sized thighs. How utterly unattractive. I think that they only come in one size, what to do, what to do. I will have to find another manufacturer maybe. I have currently folded them down to knee socks and am loving them. Maybe I am now also loving the knee sock too. I don't know. So many options now. They look like this:
I thought that these black ones looked really cute with the bow, but maybe a bit too young and a bit too naughty private school girl for me.

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