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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Book Purchases: Chasing Harry Winston and One Fifth Avenue

It's official, the awful stress of the economy has made me officially add two very potentially trashy books to my bedside table. One is chasing harry winston by Lauren Weisberger. Total chick lit, which I am not usually into at all, but come on the Christian Lous and the Winston rings on the cover, stole my heart quickly! Apparently three girls in NYC searching for husbands, same old story, and I am sure that they all end up happy with huge rocks! Does it ever end up any other way in Chick Lit????

The second book that I bought for my self and my best friend, and I have been dieing to read is One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. Yes the writer of SATC has written a new book and I have read so many reviews about it that I have to read it. It is going to be total Chick Lit again but I think some more substance. The premise is 5 (I think) women who live in One Fifth Avenue in NYC, one of the most illustrious addresses in NYC, and their lives in the building. It looks fabulous.

I avoid Chick Lit like the plague because I usually find it so taxing and slightly annoying, but I can't wait to read these. I think, given how busy I am, it will be a while before I get through them. We shall see. I'll write about how it goes as I read through them.

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