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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fashion sCares - November 1, 2008 some pics

The Aids Committee of Toronto had their annual, largest fundraiser this past weekend, Fashion Cares presents Fashion sCares, and it was fantastic!!! As a bit of history the event has been a major calendar fixture in the gay, fashion, style and fabulous community for over 20 years and this year was no exception. After last year, when the event had a bit of a disastrous 21st birthday it was really like a "phoenix rising from the ashes" in its fabulousness.

The event was Chaired by a wonderful man, Michael King, and vice-chaired by Christopher Grimston and Stephen Brown, who all lead the large volunteer team to success. The show was unbelievable and the concept and idea was fostered and developed by the producer Phillip Ng from MAC cosmetics. Phillip has been the creative brains behind Fashion Cares for so many years and after he took last year off it was evident that he was back and better than ever.

The concept was Alfred Hitchcock meets Paris is Burning. The Fashion was amazing. So many Canadian designers gave hours of time to design amazing dresses that I would kill for, dancers donated time, choreographers spent hours working with Phillip to execute the most amazing show, models donated time, it was AMAZING!!!!

Anyway, I took some photos. Not a lot, but a few:
The entrance to the event. It started out even when you entered the doors to the venue:
The red carpet with all the press. People loved to walk the red carpet....
Colin and Justin of HGTV fame with the lovely Psycho drag queen in the shower
The decor was amazing. There was a great skating rink with ghouls skating around the rink. Very fun.
Jeanne Beker was one of the hosts of the night and looked lovely in a short black dress and some fab Christian Lous I think. The pic of them was too grainy with all the dry ice. She has been a part of the event for years and her connection to Fashion TV makes it a great fit.
David Furnish hosted the evening. He was so sweet and compassionate. Really a pleasure to have at the event.
The lovely voguers with the fabulous crystal adornments on their bodies. They were great.
The stage was unbelievable. Pyrotechnics and all. Everything was perfect.
Jimmy Stewart of the Rear Window scene.
Some of the amazing couture dresses. They were gorgeous. I couldn't get close enough to take better pics as the dry ice was everywhere, I was also too mesmerized by the show and too full of champers to take more pictures.
Katie Perry performed and did a great job.
Naked men are always a staple at Fashion Cares. These ones were adorable.
more yummy naked models.....
The Vertigo set. It was amazing. The model is hanging upside down in front of the set by wires.
MMMMMM.......... Fashion. Breathtakingly Beautiful. The dresses were unbelievable.
The Birds. My least favourite Hitchcock film. Scares the shit out of me. this was so beautiful. the dancers were from the National Ballet of Canada. This was all leading up to......
Dame Shirley Bassey! She was amazing. So unbelievable. She sang Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever and others. Truly a Dame at 72. I can't even tell you how amazing she was. I am still shivering.
All in all it was the most amazing night. I loved it. The Steering Committee for the evening did an amazing job and so did the staff at ACT (the Aids Committee of Toronto). Raising funds to support the work that ACT does couldn't be a better cause to be involved with. I felt so lucky to be there and to be at such an amazing event.


Anonymous said...

I was at Fashion Scares last weekend and the fashions, performances, music and entertainment were all amazing!

Katy Perry and Dame Shirley ROCKED the show!!!!

You got a picture of the Vertigo aerial piece which I thought did a really great job introducing the whole Vertigo set. Do you know who performed it?

Thanks for the pics!

PrincessSteph said...

I don't know who did the Vertigo scene. I wish that they would post the performers on the website and the designers. I loved the dresses!!! You were right about the Vertigo set, Phillip did a great job and it was amazing.

Vincent said...

Hi Kristen and Princess Steph,
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the Vertigo piece that we created.
Our company is Hangtime Presents (formerly Hangtime Circus) and we have been producing work for Fashion Cares for the last 9 years. It is always such an honour and privilege to work with Philip and to be part of this incredible event.
If you'd like to know more about us, check out our website
Hopefully we'll see you both at next years event !!


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