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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prepping for Winter - New Boots

It was such a bloody awful winter last year that I have decided this year, hard economic times or not, that i need to be ward this winter. Hence came the search for the ultimate winter boot. Let me inform you, dear blog, that I have an aversion to UGG's. I hate them. They are ugly, people can't walk in them, they are not attractive. I know that they are warm, but they are not WINTER BOOTS! They are made for surfers. Anyway, I found these beauties at the end of last year when I saw someone walking around in them and was shocked to see that they are UGG's. I nearly fainted. They are not UGG like at all. They are sturdy and warm and waterproof and perfect. Except for the price. They are $365 Cdn./$300 US. I bought them today and know I feel ready for the snow. I love them. whether I keep them or not, I am not sure. The money was so much, it's just a lot in these uncertain times, but who are we kidding, they are staying in my closet. I refuse to be cold. They are called the UGG Adirondack Tall if you're interested. I read all the reviews on Zappos and everyone raved about them. Only potential complaint is the lacing and the amount of time to get them on and off. I'll just have to leave them on a lot!

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