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Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanks to White Toronto for the stunning jewels from Saturday night

I had a fabulous event for the Aids Committee of Toronto on Saturday - Fashion sCares - which was so amazing and the lovely ladies at White Toronto let me borrow the most fabulous jewels to wear with my dress. They were primarily vintage and beautiful and I loved them. I am so grateful to White and feel that they are fabulous. They are a wedding dress shop in Toronto that sell a select group of designers in Toronto including Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Badgley Mishka and others. The best part is the staff and owner are amazing. Anyway, I wanted to take some photos of the jewellery and share them here, because they were so beautiful. These are the earrings that I wore. They are vintage from France 1910. So beautiful. I would keep them if I could. I loved them. The workmanship is too die for. So delicate and light and gorgeous.

A close up of the fabulousness....

Another pair of earrings that were lent to me. They were clip ons and I was worried about losing them. They were beautiful. Not vintage, but gorgeous. I could see wearing these in a heartbeat. So shiny.
I also borrowed these. Much more modern and regular but very pretty. They were third in line in terms of my love, but still would have been perfect.
The fantastic art deco bracelets that I wore. There were three of them. This is the top one and the bottom of the second one. The work on these is unbelievable.
All three of the bracelets together. About 5 inches of gorgeousness. So perfect with the earrings and my dress.
I wore 2 hairbands and a necklace in my hair. The hairbands were so cute that I am going to buy them from White. I love them. Here are two close ups.

This is the 1930's vintage necklace that I wore in my hair. I loved it!

Here is my hair with the fab necklace in it. This was after 12 hours of dancing and drinking and partying, so it is a bit messy and I have already removed the hairbands. It was really quite beautiful.

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