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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's Thanks - A great day of wirting

There are some days when I have a really hard time writing. Blame it on the migraines, blame it on the depression, blame it on life, I sometimes can't write. I hate those days. I have to write a lot and write well for my job. I have to write strategically, effectively and efficiently. Luckily when I'm on, I'm one of the best in the business. It flows well and is very good if I do say so myself. The key that I have found with it is that I have to be on a tight timeline, I have to have a knack to want to be strategic and I have to want to write.

Today all of those things came together. It was amazing. The stars aligned and I wrote and wrote and wrote. Some of the best letters and proposals that I have ever written. They were great. Now it is 11:23 at night and I have one more large thing to write before I can crawl into bed with a headache the size of Timbuktu.......

Thanks today for letting me have the ability to string to cohesive sentences together. I needed it.

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