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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Shoe Storage Project Part 1

I havew written before and many of you have been helpful in providing some assistance in my quest to deal with the shoe challenge that I have. I need to figure out how to store my new shoes. I have bought an inordinate amount of shoes this winter given the fact that my favourite shoe store closed in Toronto and so I have bought a number of them a great price. Now I have more fab shoes than I know what to do with. I have started to catalogue them, and I promised when I started this, that I would share some of my fabulous purchases on this blog. So here is the first photo album. Please note that if you are interested in the designer of the shoe, I have indicated in the comments, designer and info on shoes. FYI, it is important to note that I also buy shoes at Target and I wear chucks and tretorns and rain boots etc. Next for me to tackle are my older but equally as fab shoes which will include those and also some Lous and Chanels. I will also do my spring purge at that time. It's that time......

Let me know your faves. Lots of them haven't even been out for there virgin tour. I'll let you know my faves in a bit.

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