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Monday, July 20, 2009

4 words, 22 characters, and a life changing tweet

"you and your meetings"

one direct message from one follower that I have been communicating with for a while has changed my life. I have loved following and chatting with this individual on twitter, in this random alternative universe, and am impressed by the information that he posts and the website that he writes. He is doing some really neat stuff. Now back to me and my story.....

We had been writing back and forth for a while and at the end of June I had shared that there was now a West Elm in Toronto and on June 29th this lovely message came through on my twitter "K if you live in the area I propose lunch/coffee and a walk around the store". But of course I thought. What a lovely invite. We are now the 20th of July and through no ones fault but my own, we have yet to find a time, and then the message. The message that said "you and your meetings".

It wasn't meant to be mean, it wasn't meant to be evil, it wasn't meant to be anything, but truthful and it was. it knocked the crap out of me. Those 4 words, those 22 characters, have changed my life in 5 days. i am too busy. it is appalling that i have not had one free day in a month. who is this person that i am living in??? i do not know. I have to figure it out and fix it.

i am starting by meeting with a head hunter this week and figuring out my job. I cannot do the commute anymore. Being in a car 3 days a week and having 15-16 hour days on those days plus non-profit commitments in the evenings is not serving me well. I am also saying no to more things. I have to make it work.

My life is not working, and those 4 words have helped me to see it. Thank you so much my new twitter friend. You are a good friend. One of the few who has been so honest with me. I can't tell you without seeming like a stalker how much I appreciate it. One day maybe i will, but if you read it here, just know that i am more thankful than i can ever say.

big hugs and thanks, stephintoronto


Sharoni said...

Hugs. :)

Liberty London Girl said...

You are so right: it does often take a jolt from a relative stranger...LLGxx


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