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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Effects of Hard Economic Times on me

i am totally paralized by the what has happened in the last month. it has all piled up on me this week and i cannot move.  i cannot do anything.  i know that i have not been blogging lately, and the reason is that I have had a number of things changing and fluxuating and causing my life to go into turmoil.

i know that i am so lucky to have a job still in these times, so many people have been laid off, fired without sererence, not treated well, ecetera and to just have a job in the industry that i work in is a big deal. 

3 weeks ago, i thought i was being fired.  i had had the initial conversation with the Senior VP at my firm and we had chatted about how i only wanted to work in the city in which i lived, and how this was important to me.  how i also understood that part of the understanding of not working in the ciry where we live is that if there is not work, then i would get severence.  i was sure of it.

10 days later the phone rang, it was my CEO.  The CEO of my firm is a good friend, a mentor and someone that i truly adore as a friend.  she asked me to go to winnipeg for a client. winnipeg is a 2 1/2 hour flight from where i live. it is a small city. it is far from friends and family. it is not my home.  but she asked me to go, she needed me to go. so i made the lists, the pro's and con's lists and here are the shortened biggest pro's and con's:

  • it's employment: there are currently no senior level jobs in my field in Toronto. I have been watching
  • it is only for 6-7 months over the winter
  • it is working with an interesting client and with a senior level volunteers and a couple of very senior level canadians that will look excellent on my resumee
  • it is no where near where i live, where my friends and family are, where my life is.  need i say more?
  • i don't deal well with change like this, especially not now. i can barely make my life work when i don't have significant change at the moment.
  • i finally feel that i have been making some movement towards making parts of my life work. i've gone on a few dates, i've made a whole new group of friends, i am making steps forward to making changes
so here i am picking employment the biggest PRO in the list and so i am going. i am moving my whole life to Winnipeg.  it iwll not be easy and i am going.  it has frozen me in time.  i cannot appear to be capable of doing anything.  currently my apartment is a mess, my life is a mess, i have client projects up to my eyeballs that are piling up to the ceiling, i can't get a grib on anything.  what am i supposed to do? 

change and i are not friends and this is so evident in this move.  i need this to be easy.  i need this to work.  i need it to be a thing that works for me.  i just don't know how to take the first step.  i can't take the first step.  i am frozen 100 meters behind the starting blocks.....

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Kate said...

I am a real estate agent in Winnipeg, so perhaps I'm a little bias, but it is an incredibly diverse city with so much to offer and appreciate (yes, even in winter!) I believe if you give our lovely city a chance and remain open to the fact that a little prairie city could possess an open affinity for the arts, beautiful architecture, cultured citizens, a stable economy, decent shopping and most importantly, great restaurants then you could come to love it. And if not, on the bright side it's only a temporary assignment, right? Who knows, maybe Winnipeg will steal your heart!


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