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Friday, November 6, 2009

The lonely view from here

I think that today, I have come to realize that I am truly alone.  It is amazing that I feel this way, but I have the stomach flu today and I am stuck in a hotel in Winnipeg and all I wanted today is a hot water bottle and a can of gingerale and no one to get it.  I often feel that if I were to die in my apartment, or in my hotel room, or anywhere really, no one would know until the smell of dead body wafted into the hallway.  I have no pets to eat me and I don't think that anyone would notice.  This is not a pity party it is just the reality of being alone.  If you live alone and don't have a partner, who is going to check on you?

Right now i'm dieing of stomach cramps, a fever, lonliness and the chills.  What I wouldn't give for a hot water bottle or a warm body to crawl into bed with me....

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JWZ1978 said...

I'm sorry that you feel so miserable. I spent 4 months across the country from home last year, in a hotel, and I know that it does get lonely. It's made worse when you are sick. Call your hotel concierge/front desk. If it's a good hotel, who knows how long you will be there, they will help you out and either get what you need or find a way for you to get it. Don't give up until you get your gingerale! (It's my go to when I"m sick, especially Vernors, which I have to have my parents bring me so I can stock up when they visit since they don't sell it here)


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