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Monday, November 16, 2009

"Maybe he's scared"

I have found solace and advice in a boy who is 10 years younger than me on twitter, but who is a great sounding board. It has primarily been a fun little friendship really about us helping each other with mainly sex and relationship based questions. What is really neat is that we have not met each other in person and I feel that he adds a really fresh perspective to any questions I ask him.
I was telling him that I had not heard from the boy in a while and that I was not sure what I had done. He replied in one easy tweet "maybe he is scared". I had never thought of this before. Never had it struck me that boys/men are "scared". Are some of them just like me? Insecure? Unsure? Worried about the reality of meeting?
I, and I think we (being women), except men, to be strong, decisive, sure of what they want. I always expect them to make decisions, be assertive, not falter, and be the one that takes charge. Really maybe at the end of the day some of them are just like me - nervous about actually taking this online friendship, flirting and chatting to an opportunity to meet - even if we are just friends.
I am sorry boys that I rely on you to be so much stronger than me. To be so much more self assured than me. I know that you are the ones with the balls, but I shouldn't just expect you to use them all the time. I should give you some lee way every once in a while.
Thank you to my twitter friend who is always there for some good sex and boy advice. You know who you are!


Anonymous said...

i think he's just a douchebag

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OMG! I have a twitter boyfriend who is 10 years younger than me too! we REALLY ARE TWINS! Lucky for me I know he's not the same guy cuz I AM OLDER THAN YOU ARE!!!


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