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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What to do next?

I am a terrible flirter, not only that but I find myself stuck in a situations like yesterday that drive me insane.  I was out with a friend of mine shopping.  We went into a store and had a lovely time trying on accessories.  As we were there, I struck up a lovely conversation and unintentionally flirted with the owner of the store and really felt like it was a mutual attraction.  So here is the question, and the challenge that I often have, how to move from there to the next level of actually exchaning phone numbers/taking it to the next level?  Maybe I missed a whole level of matturity/growing up.  I just don't seem to have picked up that skill.  It just sucks.  He was adorable, i know that there was a little bit of a spark I just wish that I could have capitalized on it more.  Another opportunity lost, unless I go back there again to look at accessories....

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Elegant Homes in West Toronto said...

you look deeply into their eyes and say; So when shall I call you?

If they hesitate they are involved and unavailable, or were flirting to make business.

If they are available and receptive you will get a phone number.

Life is too short to wait for a phone call.

Living in Toronto


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