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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Plates of my dreams

I get a little bit funny about certain things (shocking I know) and plates have become one of them.  I have decided that although I really want new plates, I will not buy them.  There is something about the fact that I really want plates, good plates, gorgeous plates like friends of mine have, married friends of mine have that I have bought them them, that I want.  I was at Ashleys this week buying yet another wedding gift, when I saw the plates of my dreams again.  They are so expensive and so nice, so I decided to photograph them.  These ones are Versace:
Both of these sets are Hermes. I have always loved the red plates, but the silver ones are a new pattern and very pretty
These are another shot of the Versace plates. Yummy.


sarah M said...

new obsession: PLATES. OMG plates are the new black. Never new there was a world of plate couture out there....I have been bound to Ikea by mainstream advertisement :( booo

where in Toronto can one find plate nirvanas?

Omg when I get married I am sooo going to by a plate set to match the outfit i wear that night! That way i an be a well coordinated host!

Great post! :D

PrincessSteph said...

best plate nirvana in Toronto is at William Ashley's. Only really decent place to see all sorts of dinnerwear ecetera.

great plates at Tiffany's and Hermes also. so nice. Good luck. Let me know how it goes and what you find!

Excited to hear about your adventures!


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