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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A symbol of strength, hope, freedom and peace

I saw the Palamo's dove charm and necklace the other day at Tiffany's and I fell in love.  You have to understand the fundamental fact about me that I hate birds, but for some reason, the dove necklace in rose gold, called too me.  It expressed the feeling of hope, freedom, new found life and general peace.  I have begun to think of the dove as a really good symbol for the struggle that this last few years has been.  The struggle of dealing with mental health and being so ill for so long.  I really have not found peace in my life over this time and certainly have not found freedom, but I do start a new chapter in this adventure in January when I start a new job.  The thought of rewarding myself with a rose gold dove necklace as a sign of hope, freedom and peace for my life is very appealing.  I think that I will make it something that I will buy myself after surviving 1-3 months at the job and feeling settled and healthy.  In any case I think that it is not a bad goal to seek out peace, freedom, hope and happiness and have a reminder of those life goals around my neck in suck a pretty way.

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