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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Explanation Letters

I have had a need to explain my behaviour and mental health over the last year/18 months to some people that used to be very important to my life and have struggled with how I should do that.  Part of my mental illness has been my complete lack of sociability.  I have chosen to stay secluded and not talk to friends even when they reach out to me.  This has lead to those closest to me not being a part of what I have been going through or understanding why I have not been active/social this year.  I think what I will do, is to write a letter to each of them explaining what has occurred over the last little while.  On the list so far:

  • old Psychotherapist who "fired" me in January 2010 because she knew my problems were bigger than she could handle
  • my businsess mentor, who I let down on a project we were working on and I have not spoken to in over 14 monhs
  • my old CEO, who was so wonderful when I was in the process of having my melt down and who I still really love and respect to this day
I plan on writing the first letter and perhaps coping some of it here.  I am not sure if I will or not, but that is the plan for now.  They are going to be very difficult letters to write, but in the interest of friendship, they must be written.

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