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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So spoiled with Fabulous Lashes from Xtreme Lashes!

This post is long overdue, but not long forgotten......

No eyelashes, pre-application
Before I left for Argentina I was in such a bad headspace, I had so much on the go, I was desperate to get out of the city.... and I had a million and two things to do that ranged from getting my teeth cleaned to getting a pedicure, to changing my anti psychotic drugs.  In the mass of all this craziness came a lovely offer from @xtremelashes who I had become friends with on twitter to get a set of free Xtreme Eyelash Extensions.  I was beyond excited.  As you can see from my before photos:

I have no eyelashes.  I never have.  It doesn't matter how much mascara you wear, if you have no eyelashes you have no eyelashes, mascara or not!

No eyelashes - pre-aplication
I had also heard so many people rave about them on Twitter and how easy they were to upkeep and wear, not at all irritating and really easy to look after.  My Twitter contact put me in contact with Kristen at BloBar.  Could she have been a cuter, nice girl??? No.  She was wonderful to deal with and as I lay on the table with my eye's closed it was intresting to hear from Kristen how intense her training had been to be able to actually be certified to apply the "Xtreme Lashes".  She also was really knowledgable and causous about not putting on lashes that were too long for my current non-exsistent lashes.  Apperantly if you do that they just fall off to easily.  Exit stage left my dreams of Betty Davis eyes, enter in normal length eyelashes.  I was amazed at how careful she was, treating each lash individually and really talking me through the whole process, as I lay on my back with my eyes closed!
After xTreme Lashes application

Kristen was not at all surprised when I whipped out my camera before our session and asked her to take some photos through the process and after.  (Apparently they have to make before and after photos for there exams also.)  She did a wonderful job.

Post eyelash application, my eyes felt slightly heavy, but they looked amazing.  I loved them.  At dinner than night with my parents, my father asked me if I had gotten more sleep than usual?  When I showed him the eyelashes, even he loved them. 

After xTreme Lashes application
Two days later I was off to Buenos Aires where I used eye makeup so sporaticly because I did not want to lose any of my lashes.  I searched high and low for a salon that could fill them.  In a country that has more salons per capita and people nearly I was shocked that I could not find one.  So slowly but surely each of my lashes fell out.  I felt like I died a little bit with each one.  They made me so happy and I loved them. I miss them everytime i take my mascara wand out of its little jar promising "volume, length and happiness", I know its all lies compared to the happiness I found in my Xtreme Lashes.  I would love to have them on again, but my wallet can't afford them right now, and this makes my eyes and eyelashes very sad :(

For more info on Xtreme Lashes follow @xtremelashes on Twitter, visit, or go and see Krisitn at tell her Steph sent you, you won't be disappointed.

xTreme Lashes with no make up

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