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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mental Health Month Blog Party

Mental Health Blog Party Badge
So today is Blogging for Mental Health day and here I am, blogging and thinking about mental health, not only mine but mental health in general.  I have been thinking lately that if I believed in destiny or fate than I would think that I was going through the struggle of Bipolar Disorder and Chronic Depression for some greater good.  But I do not believe in either of those things.

I do think that part of my management of my own Mental Illness (I don't believe in recovery, if you've read my blog you'll know that I am all about the management of my Mental Health) is to talk about it with others.  I have found outlets through twitter, my blog, I have a bunch of people that I "mentor" or help on with their own mental health struggles,support groups, by doing this I have been able others, but also my self.  I've all of a sudden become an advocate for the mentally ill.  I am slowly but surely helping to end stigma with those around me, my friends, colleagues and online community.  I have, without my own permission, become a role model for others.  I work hard and I try and manage my own illness with dignity, some anger, the right drugs, frustration, exercise, sleep and always some tears.

Today I join others in this fight of mental illness.  Each of us, in our own way, talking, writing, somehow finding strength through our illnesses to find a voice.  These voices loud, quiet, painful, mad, annoyed, content, frustrated..... all joining together to speak for those that don't have a voice or haven't found the strength to speak yet, but more importantly to end the stigma of mental health, provide strength for others, to tell others about our experiences so that hopefully they will know they are not alone.

I am so proud to be one of the ones that is fighting this fight.  I vow to continue to find the strength, somewhere/somehow, to speak for those that cannot speak for themselves about mental illness/health, if not for them, then for myself.


Bec said...

Every single person who advocates for mental health puts society a step closer to removing stigma and discrimination. So thank you!

Bec said...

Every single person who advocates for mental health puts society a step closer to removing stigma and discrimination. So thank you!

varicose veins said...

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