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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Goals and Ambition

When a princess is in her 30's and sees no prince in sight to deliver a glass slipper; thoughts come to what does she want in life? what will she need in life to be happy? what are her goals? All this is a very weighty subject for me. What are the things that are going to make me happy? What are the things that I need to make choices now to make a reality? What can I do on my own? What do I need to ask for help on? Who can help? All questions that run through my head as I watch others move forward with their lives.

So as a start, I thought that I would make a list (surprising, I know):

  1. I want to have a family - this used to read "I want to have at lease one baby", but then I was out with a fabulous male friend of mine (who is unfortunately gay) and we were talking about the exploding time bomb in my stomach and coursing through my veins, when a very happy couple, with a very cute blond child in between them was walking ahead of us. I of course commented on how cute and happy and perfect they looked and my friend said rather pointedly "you don't want a baby, you want a family!". Point taken. I will however take a baby if the family is not to be.
  2. I want to be skinnier - yes everyone has this on their list, or so it seems.
  3. I want to live in a fabulously chic city and do fabulously chic things - I once lived in Paris, and that is the type of chic I want again - London, New York, Paris - that type of fabulousness
  4. I want to be happier - sounds simple, No?????

The list will continue to grow, but this is a start. I assume that the next list might be a material list of things like "I want to own a Birkin" - is that wrong?????


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