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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Deal Breaker

I was out with a bunch of good single girlfriends last weekend for brunch and low and behold, as it always does, the conversation turned to men. Why were all of us single? What was wrong with us? Were we too picky? Were our standards too high? Who the hell knows.

Anyway, the conversation turned to deal breakers. What are the things in a relationship that you are not willing to budge on? What are the things that make the first date end in the every lovely, "thank you", versus butterflies in ones stomach. (Dr. Phil, in his love book - yes I read it, I know, I know, Dr. Phil, but I had to - is all about this sort of figuring out what you must have and what you would like to have and what you don't care about, then making sure you have the must haves. The rest is negotiable.) Anyway, time for another list......My must haves in a relationship:

- He must want children. If he already has children, he must want more with me.
- He must have ambition and drive. I am not a bump on a log and neither should he be.
- He must understand and appreciate the importance of my family to me.
- He must get along with my best girlfriends and my family.
- He must be as smart or smarter than me. Harsh, I know, but I know what is a MUST HAVE
- He must have decent manners.
- He must have travelled, or be willing to travel.

Well that is the beginning of the list. More to come I am sure, but here is a start.

Single Princess

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Sleeping Beauty said...

When I found my hubby(8 years ago) he was not the typical person I would date, at all! But he kept bugging me, lol, and persueing me. So I gave him a chance, and I feel completly in love with him. You will find your Prince, Princess's always do! :)


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