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Monday, October 22, 2007

Cute Boy Alert

What a wonderful waste of a weekend. We had Cottage Cocktails in the city on Friday night. Basically the group of us from the cottage got together in the city and drank ourselves into a stupor. Yes, I was that drunk girl, and yes part of it had to do with one very large bottle of Vodka, but what is one to do. I agree, will power was not my best virtue.

Anyway needless to say a very cute single boy that I have known forever was out with us. (OK, forever being 15-20 years). He is adorable and attributes on the most superficial level include: attending the right private school and camp, member of the right golf club, owns his own home, adorable, has ambition, was brought up well, obscenely polite.......yes I am superficial, but the weekend was rough and I had time to think........

One the other side - he deeply cares for his family, he is uber nice, he is cute - in a teddy bear kind of way, he may give me some butterflies, did I mention that his is super super nice??? Anyway i kind of like him. I may have already melded my first name with his last (OK, totally high school, but I was incapacitated for the whole weekend!!!) and I have googled him.

I have to make a follow up meeting with the boy. I think that it is urgent. No idea how. Any thoughts??? Have I been out of the game for so long that I can't seem to do this??? I certainly didn't end the night well with a plan for another meeting. I hate the fact that I may have fucked this up. Yuck. This is not good at all.

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