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Monday, October 22, 2007

You can't excpect sympathy if you did it to yourself

Yes, I am a clutz. I attribute it to the fact that I get to distracted when walking, talking, eating, running etc and then I end up falling down, tripping, hitting my head, dropping food down the front of my shirt etc. Add in some really yummy cocktails and we do not have a good combination. Usually I don't hurt myself, I did say usually..........

On Friday, I had too much to drink. I admit it. I was drunk. Not an attractive quality, but I did it too myself. What is done is done. Anyway, it was 4:30am and I tripped on a stair walking to a cab. Now usually that would be fine and I would laugh it off. Ha ha. As I did at the time. I however also felt a popping sensation in my left ankle. The kind of feeling that you don't want to feel, although you are numb, you know is not a good feeling. Needless to say, I woke up with a hangover the size of Mongolia and an ankle the size of Australia (ankle just seems to feel like Australia right now). Yes, it is currently a lovely shade of bluish purple that I would like to have a handbag made into (very balenciaga) but it also hurts like a bitch. I also haven't done a lot of self maintenance recently and am due for a waxing appointment next weekend, so the jungle has visited my legs. With my luck I would arrive at the Sports medicine Clinic and meet with Dr. Gorgeous and then he would have to look at my disgusting legs, my vial ankle and my unpedicured feet (this was on the list for Saturday, however a hangover and a hurt ankle made even a visit to the spa a no-go)!! Also how to tell Dr. Gorgeous that it was really not my fault. The vodka fell into my mouth and the stair really crept up on me out of no where. What a loser.

Anyway, here i am. Foot up and feeling sorry for myself......

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Jenn said...

Let me know how that Dr. McDreamy stuff works out for you.

So far, no luck at all.


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