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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The weekend of shopping gluteny

Yes, It is time to disclose the shopping gluteny that occured this past weekend. For now word, pictures of favorite items to follow...

Ok, so where to start. As a sampling, let me start with the housewares:
- one set of white sheets - Target-
One beautiful duvet cover - Pottery Barn (stunningly goregous!!!), now need the sheets to match.....
- 4 sets of awesome flower christmas lights for my pink tree - Christmas store, Frankunmuth
- 4 sets of pink fairy lights - Christmas Store (to go on my pink christmas tree of course that I purchased last winter)
- lots of little stuff from pottery barn and target
- 4 cast iron Le Crueset pots in the shape of vegetables (so cute)

Moving onto clothing:
- one pair of black pants - Neiman Marcus
- One Black and white knit skirt - Saks
- One fabulous green and black dress for an event in November - NM (I think)
- One goregous pink sweater - Oilily
- One preppy skirt with matching sweater and vest - Lily Pulitzer
- a ton of underwear, bras, tights, socks for fall
- 2 work dresses - Target

Accessories anyone (the mother load):
- two pairs of earrings (Michel Negrin) - Nieman Marcus
- one wallet (Michael Kors) - Saks
- One pair of black patent flats - target
- one pair of red tasseled loafers (Davids) - DSW
- one pair of black flat mary janes, patent (Franco Serta) - DSW
- One pair of black highheeled mary janes, patent - Cole Haan
- one pair of flat matte black Tory Birch shoes - Saks
- one pair of the most goregous high heeled Black patent Tory Birch shoes -Saks

So I know that there is more, but this is the bulk of it. All in all a good weekend. Just now wish everyday could be a shopping to follow....

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