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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Buy of the Day - Cocktail Napkins

These are bar none my favorite napkins. I have tons of them, with all sorts of sayings on them. I take them to client meetings when I need to lighten the mood, and have them always when I have people over. I just found the website at This is my favorite favorite favorite one:Doesn't it just make you giggle.
I am buying these for my mother for Christmas and a lot for myself. These may be a new staple in my house and there pink!!!!

My father has always loved those stupid Christmas family newsletters that people send: "And Timmy is at Harvard where he is majoring in blabhblah, Charlotte is at Yale majoring in .....and dating Prince William......Aren't we all so fabulous" I thought I would get him these:

And for the Lobster dinner that my parents host with all of our "adopted parents (aka their best friends and us) these will be perfect and scarily true:

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