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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Apologies for this being so whiney and princessy and girly, but........

I have a serious hair crisis brewing. I went to book my usual highlights and cut pre holiday season and to my shock and horror, my colourist has abandoned me. Gone are the perfect chestnut brown, natural highlights that I love. It is the color that recently someone asked me who cut my hair, happily I told her and also mentioned that that was not the same person who did my colour. The look of shock arose on her face as she said that she thought my hair was my hair. That is the kind of colour god he is...or shall I say was. He has abandoned me to work in another salon with one of the stylists (S) from my salon. Now what is more important - the cut or the colour??? Currently the cut. I have been seeing T for over 10 years if not 15, and he gives a great cut. not to mention that he is semi dating my sister and I love him. He is lovely to look at and a lot of fun. I cannot go to a salon where the owner, S, seriously abandoned T and was rude to him. not to mention, he likes the feel of a gay soap opera around him. i can't do it. I just can't do it, no matter how good the color was.

So I have just booked with my old colourist, L. L likes blonds. He really likes blonds. i am not blond. I have not been blond for years, since I left L. It took the new colourist 6 months to get me back to being my normal, ok close to normal, hair color. I will just have to hold my ground with L. Be strong. He does do the most amazing blond......Maybe blond is calling my name again. They may have more fun, but brunette's get more respect. Oh the trials of being a princess.

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