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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

34 Pieces

I read about this blog called 34 Pieces about a woman who has 34 pieces in her wardrobe and uses them to dress. She added in some extras like shoes etc. but her 34 pieces encompass the following:
3 formal items (1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 pair of pants)
3 t-shirts
3 shirts
3 short sleeve shirts
4 sweaters
2 pairs of short pants
3 sleeveless tops
3 denim items (2 pairs of jeans and a pair of overalls)
4 dresses
1 skirt
5 top layers

Although I do not like her style at all. (The thought of overalls these days makes my skin crawl!) I do like the idea of pair down to the bare minimum. She seemed to have great success. Am I ready to do it??? NO! But it has given me some food for thought.

A starting list of my 34 items (for fall winter) would be:

2 pairs of jeans (dark denim, 1 one size smaller than the other, both straight leg)
2 pairs of black pants (one for heels, one for flats)
2 dresses (both Diane von Furstanburg wraps - one black, one navy and white)
2 skirt (black pencil skirt, dark denim pencil skirt)
4 (2) twin sets - 4 pieces (one charcoal grey, one black from Brooks brothers, cashmere)
2 white shirts (one plain button down, one Ann Fountain tuxedo shirt with black trim)
3 white t-shirts (one v-neck, one round neck, one scoop neck)
2 sweaters (one black v-neck cashmere, one pink cashmere)
2 blazers (one black, one grey - single breasted, fitted)
1 suede jacket (baby blue suede with a ruffle on the collar and cuffs)

so that to date is 22 items. Ihaven't included any accessories, coats or shoes. I figured in my thinking that those are all above the 34 items. I think that I may take some initiative and pair down this weekend. We shall see. Not to 34 peices (that is just ridiculous) but some pairing down will be good for me.

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