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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby bumps everywhere

I feel like crap today. It seems like everywhere I turn there are more and more pregnant people. When Nicole Ritchie can have a baby why can't I???? This all stems from an old best friend of mine, D, announcing that she is preggers. I say old best friend because we "broke up". Yes you read that correctly, we broke up. We used to spend an immense amount of time together and now we do not see each other at all. No phone calls, no e-mails, no nothing at all. She was incredibly high maintenance and needed me to call or communicate often. I am not. I can go for months without speaking to my closest friends and everything is fine. We understand that we are busy and shit happens. With her it was necessary to call all the time. Anyway enough was enough and quite frankly I did something that must have pissed her off so much that I don't see her anymore. The piece de resistance for our breakup was when she got married 18 months ago and did not invite me to the wedding. Yes, the person that I spent my 18th to 28th years as a best friend. What a bitch.

So she announced on the weekend that she is pregnant. I guess it was just one more straw that piled onto the inevitable back of my depression about not having anyone to have a baby with. One more person who is blissfully happy. As my mother said "I wish her a healthy and happy baby, but 9 months full of morning sickness."

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