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Saturday, January 5, 2008

new blogs that I am reading

So i have had a highly unproductive week at work and have found my self perusing a bunch of new blogs, expanding my reading repertoire, you might say. Anyway, a few that i have fallen in love with (and may have spent all Thursday and Friday reading):

Wine Glass Logistics: So good that I had to start at the beginning and read all 55 posts. It is fabulously written and so lovely. You are routing for the author and the boy the whole way through. Also looking at the relationship that she has with her office mates and friends is just too true to what we all go through. Very Bridget Jones. Elisabeth, the author should be very proud. It is excellent.

Liberty London Girl: Mixing my love of London and Manhattan is just too fab for me. Not only is the author, witty and wonderful in her writing, she is always bringing the most fabulous finds to her pages. Although we do not have the same taste in all of our pics, I do appreciate her finds and value that she is bringing, some what of a more "earthy" eye to my shopping. Plus I love her honesty on stuff like fur (She is a vegetarian but she loves recycled fur!).

Mrs. Fashion: I used to read this religously and fell away from it. I am back. I forgot how much I liked her cheeky sense of humour and her fantastic view of life. Truly worth a read. I love the outfits that she puts together on occasion and the critique of the runways. Lovely, lovely reading.

I think that 3 is enough for you to absorb for now. I must work and not read others thoughts. I must work now. must focus. must focus. must do work.


Libertygirl said...

Thank you so much for the compliments!! LLG xx

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I love all three blogs, you've certainly got excellent taste in reading material :)

Claire said...

*grins* Thank you for such a lovely compliment honey!

x x


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