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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Babies, babies everywhere

I am having another one of those moments, can you hear it??? can you hear it ticking??? Its my internal clock. I am desperate to have a baby. It seems that everywhere I turn people are pregnant. I nearly can't stop staring. It is not good. Not good at all. They seem to be all over, these cute little baby bumps, taking over the world. I think that this is really not a great state of mind. In fact I think that it is a very bad state of mind on all fronts.

it absolutely consumes me. Consumes my thoughts, my sights, my happiness...... what is an MIT (Mother In Training) to do??? Buy some sperm on the internet? Don't put it past me. I've already begun my research.

I do however realize that this deisre is much bigger than this. It was my dear dear gay boyfriend J, who enlightened me to this. We had had a lovely dinner together and I was in quite a low point in my life and had spent the whole dinner lamenting for my lack of any babies in my life and any husband to have them with. Anyway, he had spent the whole evening being lovely and listening to me whine and complain (he paid for dinner, no less, what a sweetheart), and we decided to go for a walk before reitring for the evening. As we were walking down the street there was a mother, father and a little girl walking hand in hand, the baby in the middle. I of course commented that she (the little girl) was so, so, so cute. J just turned around and said to me "Steph, you don't want the baby, you want the family!". You know what, he was right. I want the family. now what to do to get it, is the question du jour......

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