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Friday, February 22, 2008

The Wedding Magazine Conundrum

I am not really one of those girls who has dreamed of what her wedding would look like since she was little. I am not critical of that girl. The one who cut out pictures of dresses, drew sketches, has pictured their wedding in their head with the 8 bridesmaids all in different shade of peach taffeta, used to play bride and not house, and probably somewhere in their house, has a binder full of all these ideas, including the picture of the ring, waiting for Mr. Right to show up.

I have however always bought, for as long as I can remember, two bridal magazines when they come out: InStyle Weddings and occasionally Martha Stewart Weddings. I love some of the ideas that they have in them, and yes, i do end up reading the InStyle cover to cover. Maybe I am that girl after all. Now, when I put it in writing I understand that it is a bit freakish. Is it so bad to have a little bit of a dream? A little bit of hope that one day I will get married. I do hope that no one will ever find them until I maybe do end planning my own wedding. OK, I may also have one picture of a dress that was in a paper once that I loved........

1 comment:

coco said...

I think if you see a wedding dress you like keep the picture
becuase most of them are gross looking and you wouldn't want to end up looking like a pudding


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