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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

key steps to having a successful wedding experience this summer

there are some key things that i have to do to ensure that i am in top form for the wedding this summer of Mr. PFM to Mrs. PFHim. So far on the agenda:
  • Lose some weight. yes this is at the top of the list. no carbs, no salt, no sugar routine. i need to be in relatively good form
  • some salsa lessons. i found some in TO that are for singles and start in March. sign me up baby. this couple loves to salsa, and the wedding is in salsa country, so i will be needing to find some rythym prior to departure
  • check dress situation (i should be fine, but need to, closer to the date, evaluate the chlothing situation)
  • Full leg and bik wax the few days before departure
  • haircut and highlights the few days before departure
  • mani and pedi morning of flight out to wedding (good topcoat for touch ups on route)

i need to do these things for a few reasons:

  • to be ready to be an active participant in all things wedding
  • to be open and willing to meet a whole new group of people who i have never met before
  • to be comfortable on the beach with others from the wedding without feeling like an idiot

i think that this will bring good things to many aspects of my life. can't wait

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