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Thursday, February 7, 2008

St. Valentine has thrown up everywhere

I am boggled, every year, by the commercialism of Valentine's Day. I am amazed that even the nice little Jewish Deli that I frequent often, has ugly pink and red stupid hearts all over. What is it with this holiday???? I don't understand.

Maybe, because I haven't had a date (a real date that is) on Valentine's Day in years, I have just become bitter. Bitter isn't even the right word or sentiment. I think that whole think is slightly ridiculous. When Tiffany's, Hermes, Chanel and Gucci all seem to have special "Valentine's Day" campaigns, not to mention every cheap candy/card store - what is one to do to not be disenchanted!

Shouldn't every day be a day worthy of telling the one that you love that you love them??? Do you need a special cheap card that is sparkly and probably sings, stupid teddy bear with a heart on its belly or a bad box of cheap chocolate, to do it. At least buy some decent chocolate. For the love of all things good, shell out a bit of dough for some decent chocolate.

Anyway, here I am, officially one week away from the infamous day of reconing for the single amoung us. The day, when not only are you painfully aware of the fact that you are alone, but everyone has to remind you, you are painfully alone. Every stupid heart hanging in a window, every ridiculous heart shaped, falshing earring, and for the love of god, every pair of heart embroiderred tights (FYI, not appropriate office wear, Miss. L) need to remind me that I have no one to say those three important words to ----- "I love you".

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