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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Potential Colombian Wedding Attire

Earlier this month, I wrote to one of my favourite bloggers, Coco at "Coco's Tea Party", to request her assistance in finding a dress for the PFM wedding in Colombia this summer. When I first sent this request to Coco, she asked me to tell her who some of my style icons were. I wrote this e-mail to her:

"Merci ma cher Coco,that would be great.
I need to be a bit conservative, its a catholic wedding, and i am a relatively conservative girl. the other thing to be considered is that I am not a skinny minny. I wear a lot of strapless, however wore a cute v-neck/v-back dress to my sister's wedding. I am ok with any length, just not too short, and any colour. I will need to have my shoulders covered as it is a catholic ceremony but can have them bare for the reception. i also love wearing hats and ornamental hair accessories. right now I heart:
  • the Gucci dress that is in the new Spring 08 ad campaign (black silk cinched taffeta decollete full gown with black suede belt detail 196499 ZR109 1000 $8625.00) although I don't want to spend $10K on the dress i love it. 4th photo in series
  • the Olsen twins (though their style is way too young for me)
  • my girl crushes (straight as I am, I love them) - Cameron Diaz - how could we not love her body and style, Drew Barrymore - for always being fabulous and comfortable in her own skin, and Kate Hudson - laid back casual dresses are fab, as well as the fact that she is gorgeous
  • SJP - able to be totally classic but also lead a number of trends and always look fabulous. the love is long standing as it began in 1984 when I first saw her in Footloose. ( i used to have the record that I would dance till I collapsed with my girlfriends all the time)
  • Audrey Hepburn - have loved her and the look since I first watched Breakfast at Tiffany's with my grandmother when I was 5 yrs old, in her Florida house at 4 in the morning when we couldn't sleep and everyone else was fast asleep
  • coco chanel -
So happy to have your help on this. I am taking some salsa lessons so that I don't make a total ass of myself and have some sense of what the hell I am doing.
love chloe on your new header, she looks fantastic in that shot, by the by, Steph"
So Coco has posted some ideas for me here, and I love all of them. They are all perfect and I am shocked at how cheap some of them are. I can't wait to get my hands on them. I would buy all of them if I could. I left a thank you on Coco's comments, but wanted to share it here so that others could see how grateful I am:
"Mon Dieu Coco, ils sont fantastiques!!!!

These are amazing. I love love love them all. They are so fantastic. All of them are amazing. I am so grateful. Love the Oscar de la Renta dress for the Cocktail party for the night before the wedding cocktail party. The green, Olsen inspired, Nicole Miller is nearly perfect until I scrolled to the SJP dress. The pink is very cute, however may be too young. It is so cheap, I feel like you might have left off a zero!!! The most grown up and potentially the perfect dress is the Donna Karan. It's grown up, the color is beautiful and its a great figure flattering dress.
I'll let you know what I end up with. I really need a couple of outfits and I could buy all these dresses and be perfectly happy with any.

Thank you thank you thank you.
PS. The Rory Beca Wrap dress is a bit too unstructured for me, but is gorgeous. I think I will have to try it on, as it has the potential to be so perfect. I love them all. What's a princess to do????

Thanks again Coco. Anyone else have any good ideas for me, or wants to let me in on there opinion? I would be forever grateful.

A very lucky Princess

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Cara Hurley said...

I love your style icons, in particular Kate Hudson cus (like Kierha Knightly) she is flat chested but does not care and will not resort to having breast enlargements.




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