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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Kumari Update

For background, previous posts related to this are found in the 1st post, 2nd post , 3rd post and 4th post that I wrote. I have some pent up anger issues around this, can you tell????

So for anyone that cares, I finally got in touch with the horrid woman known as Kumari, owner of Kumari's in Toronto. All I have to say is that she is a nightmare. Didn't even apologize for the whole ordeal, told me "in the 10 years that I have been in business, I have never had anyone complain about my staff, not one complaint" (my ass, by the by), apparently never has anyone said that they have had a problem with any of her products and of course the piece de resistance - I must treat my stuff very badly. WTF???? Can you even believe it. I can't. She also claims that apparently if I had bought a couture gown in one of the luxury stores, Holt Renfrew, in Toronto and the beading had begun to come off then they wouldn't take it back - oh my dear Kumari, you are wrong. Of course they would take it back. In a heart beat, no questions asked.

She was such a bitch on the phone that I was irate again. I can't even believe it. Anyway, she did agree to replace the bag and so I went in to do that this weekend. I wore it on Friday and already the beading has come undone. I can't even.....I can't even begin to explain how ridiculous this whole ordeal is. The irony of it happening again.......I'm not even going to call her. Cut my losses and move on. This woman and her store have sucked too much energy from me. They are evil and mean and a nightmare. I deserve better in the places where I choose to spend money......

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Technodoll said...

Mon dieu! Is that woman for real? I'd go over there and hit her on the head with her cheap product, see if she likes picking up beads all over the floor!

grrr. so sad and so aggravating.


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