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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kumari's - on the bad list

Kumari's - This used to be one of my favourite places to shop in Toronto. They have fabulous pashminas in every color. hundreds of shades of cashmere and glitter and girly fun. It is an amazing shop. You just want everything in it. I love it (or shall I say loved it). 3 incidences in the last 6 weeks:
  1. 6 weeks ago a very good male friend of mine gave me a lovely brown and cream pearl necklace with a beautiful swarovski crystal clasp. It is gorgeous but I do not wear brown. Never have and never will. It was not Mr. J's fault. He spent $295 on the necklace and it was so nice of him. He did it because I had helped him with something and he wanted to do something that he knew I would like. I love pearls - hence the necklace. Great thought, just not perfect for me. I could not ask Mr. J. for the receipt. How could I. He was so proud. Anyway, I went to return it and they would not let me without a receipt, although it still had the tag on and was in the box. Lovely. Just friggin lovely. $295 down the drain and they had others that I would have loved.
  2. I bought a pair of pearl earrings and the posts broke off of one of them. I went to have one of them replaced and was basically told that there was nothing that they would do and that they were not a repair shop. I wore them twice.
  3. Now for today's monstrosity - the fabulous clutch. I love this clutch. It was $295. I bought it in December. It is so nice. It looks like it could have been a $1300 purse. Everyone who saw it loved it. Anyway, all of the beading is starting to come undone. The front of the bag has fallen off and the wristlet part of the bag just broke today. I went to take it to the store today to have them replace it. I just expected them to take care of it. How wrong I was. I went in, in a good mood. I came out with a ruined day. I showed the bag to the sales woman and she basically said that she was not a repair shop. I explained that did not want her to "repair" it, I wanted her to "replace" it. She said that that was not part of there regulations. i explained that I had only used it four times and it should not be falling apart. I asked to speak to the manager and she was not there. I asked to speak to the owner, and she was not there. I then asked for her phone number and also asked to leave the owner, Kumari, a message. When I wrote my number on the paper and my name, she asked me to explain what was wrong. I refused telling her to explain it and that I was the customer. WHAT PART OF CUSTOMER DO THESE PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND??? AND NO I DO NOT HAVE THE RECEIPT FOR SOMETHING THAT I BOUGHT 6 WEEKS AGO AND HAD NO INTENT TO RETURN!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! SO ANNOYED!!! I have now left her a message on the website and will see if she calls.

For now I am taking her off of my love to shop at, to my never to shop at again. It makes me upset that this has happened. I really loved the shop. I can never shop there again at least until I hear from her and this is resolved. sorry for the rant, i needed to get it out.

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