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Monday, January 7, 2008

The migraine

I suffer from Chronic Migraines and today is not a good day. I am literally ready to throw up in a second. I am not sure even how to manage. The sound of my own typing is like murder. I wish to go home and crawl into my bed and turn off the lights and ignore the world. Do you think that you could make that happen???

Some things I have learnt about migraines, that are not in the normal literature:
  • CITRUS - besides red wine, old cheese, chocolate and all of the regular triggers, some of us have to beware of all things citrus. I only heard about this from a friends mother who one day told me that she can no longer drink her ever faithful lemon and hot water in the evenings as it gives her migraines. A light bulb went on. Honestly my world changed in that one instance. I cannot be around anything citrus - scented cleaners, cosmetics, candles, actual fruit, etc. The worst though is having someone peal an orange or grapefruit around me. awful and cripplingly immanent migraine ahead......
  • ICE - is a life saver. I keep ice packs at all of my clients. First day I apologize and ask where the freezer is. It is a miracle worker. On the back of my neck and also on my forehead and eyes.
  • PEPTO BISMAL - taken with what ever reactionary drug I am taking is a key to the migraine cocktail cure. I don't know why, but it works. I take the pills as the liquid makes me gag (I usually don't need any encouragement to be nauseous!)
  • EXCEDRIN MIGRAINE - mix with Pepto Bismal and you have a very good, non-prescription aid
  • EYE MASK - I love the eye mask. Put it on, all light disappears. It is a life saver. Through an ice pack on it and we are good to go down for a long nap. Very helpful.
  • HORMONES - now this is discussed in all of the literature, however someone recommended that I look at my ovulation days. I always get migraines the day before and the second day of my period, but have never linked them to ovulation. I must note if that is a factor
  • SUGAR - If the Princess does not eat, the Princess gets a migraine. Repeat again and again. I must eat regularly. Dips in my blood sugar going too low, cause me major issues.

Those are my tips for now. I am on my way to pull my icepack out of the office freezer and apply to the back of my neck. It is such a sexy look.


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