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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ugg for Ugly

I hate Uggs. I think that they are hideous, they create the "ugg-shuffel" (you know the dragging of the feet walk), they make your lugs look stumpy, they are not winter boots, they leak, they are worn by ridiculous skinny girls in mini skirts and they are terrible. Anyway, when I had the unfortunate meeting of too much grey goose vodka, my ankle, the sidewalk and torn ligaments in the fall, I had to find an alternative to my usual heeled prada boots. Hence they were purchased. They are the tall ones in brown with the embroidered strip down the back. they are the best of the worst. Anyway, I may be addicted. i am desperate for a pair in black. It has become an obsession. I need them. I must have them. I must must find them. why oh why has this happened. They still are hideous, yet now I understand the comfort and the warmth. I wear them without socks and love love love them. It is a secret addiction. for years of saying how ridiculous they are, I am now facing the hard truth of the Ugg love. Now to find them in black.....

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