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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm back!!!

so i have been away for ten days. we got back on tuesday of last week and i haven't had a second to breath. crazy crazy busy. i can't even believe it. i am amazed that i came back to such a pile of work, not to mention some volunteer commitments. i am chairing a silent auction this week and it has been insanity. i have some not great volunteers and the staff of the organization is a bit amateurish, hence the huge amount of work that I am having to do.

i did a ton of shopping while we were away and so have to post all about it. I will get that organized and post in a minute. also have had some advancements on the mental health front, more on that in a bit. still having issues with my sister being preggers. i know that it is not the way a sister should be, but feelings are feelings.

it has been really interesting over the last week, because for the first time in a while, i haven't felt like blogging. i am worried that if i didn't post a couple of decent posts asap then i would fall out of like with it, so that is what I am trying to do today. i think that it is a really good think for me to do, both in terms of my sanity and my writing skills, both of which i have enjoyed over the last few months...... here's to my little blogs ongoing life......

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