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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Head - an update

Yesterday, I was overjoyed. It was rainy and drizzly and perfect migraine weather all afternoon and I did not have a headache! Not a one. Not even a little tinge of one to come. I was over the moon. I nearly pulled out the laptop at 10:30 pm to post that I was so happy! It was crazy. So I crawled into bed, as I still have this cold from hell I was exhausted. I was soon asleep.....dead asleep.

No sooner did I start to dream about having a severe headache. Not the normal kind, but a stabbing can't cure, never have felt that kind of pain before, kind of pain, headache. The kind that makes you not able to tell anyone where it hurts or what kind of hurt because it is so overwhelming. Then I woke up,......... and there it was. The headache from HELL. I was in a vice. This was such intense pain. Not like a migraine. Not nauseous, more pain like my brain was being twisted. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to take my Axert or Imitrex as I had never had a headache like this. Was Excedrin Migraine, Alleve Liquid Gels or Advil Liquid Gels the answer???? (It should scare me that I have this many options, no?) I went with the overwhelming 3 Alleve Liquid Gels and crawled into bed with two ice packs, not able to even lie still or move or on my back or side or anything to make it better. It was hell. I tried to lay perfectly still for as long as possible and then I seemed to drift into unconsciousness.

What made me anxious, are two things:

1. Is this some sort of side effect of the Cipralex or Topamax????
2. As I was contemplating the need to go to the Emergency Room if I was not either asleep or better in a half hour, was, who was going to take me there??? One of the joys of being single is, who is there to do these things for you? Would I take a cab? Could I drive? would my mother come and get me? What about my gay boyfriend? what was he up to at 4:30 am??? I also thought then that I probably had a brain tumour and my apartment was such a mess and then my mother would have to come and get my pj's and see that I live in a sty and I haven't filed my taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH another joy of being single.

So this was last night. I am so tired. I really am exhausted and quite nervous about this awful headache and the potential that it is coming back tonight. Yuck. Wish me luck

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