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Monday, May 5, 2008

Preventative Migraine Meds.....

I have taken a big leap, a HUGE leap. I met with my neurologist today and have decided to go on Topamax. Yes, Topamax and Ciplralex together. God bless my body. I have just fully committed to the drugs now. I haven't wanted to do it, but in the last month I have had 4 major migraines. The kind of migraines that have thrown me for a friggin loop. Not to mention 90% of days having a headache that I need to take something for. I have also in the last 6 months that I have started to have auras and also extreme nausea. Anyway, the neurologist and I today felt enough was enough and am going to take my first Topamax this evening.

One of the reasons that I meant on Cipralex specifically is that I knew that I could take it with Topamax. The Dr and pharmacist do not see that there will be any issues with the mix. We will see.


Anonymous said...

Just a precaution: I am on topamax. (100 mgs a day). When I first started, I lost a huge amount of weight. I just want you to know, I am not sure as to what your weight is, so be careful.

PrincessSteph said...

Thanks for the comments Anonymous. One of the reasons that I am open to trying it, other than migraine releif of course, is some of the weight loss side effects. Because of the anxiety and depression that I have been dealing with my appetite is up. looking forward to having it go down a bit!!!

Thanks for the warning,

CNSKris said...

I receive some help from the hemipeligic migraines with the Pamelor or otherwise known as Nortriptyline. However, I have not had any success using it for the basilar migraines. If you do start having basal artery migraines, please be careful as I have mini-strokes with these. 4 years ago, I had a stroke that caused dementia and eye clots. It runs in the family. My daughter is 11 and has already started having the migraines. They can be very scary at times but it is good to be prepared. You may want to research the type of migraines you are having.

Please let me know how you make out using the Topamax and Ciplarex. I will bring up these medications with my doctor also.

Best wishes -

PrincessSteph said...

thanks for the precaution for the headaches and the basal migraines. I am taking the topamax with mild success right now, but I am only a quarter of the way through the starting up ptocess of topamax so I am only at 50 mg getting up to 100 mg in another 5 weeks. The cipralex is for depression. so far difficult, but moving aloung. i'll check with my neurologist on the different type of migraine.
Princess Steph


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