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Monday, June 2, 2008

An Homage to M. Saint Laurent

One of my favourite designers and style icons, M. Yves Saint Laurent has died. I think this is going to leave a huge void in the Couture/Fashion world. As the second head designer at Christian Dior after Dior himself, he has been a mainstay on the forefront of everything fabulous since 1958.

The first time I remember coming face to face with a bonifide YSL design was when I was about 11 and looking through my mothers old childhood photos. Pages of her in her teens in fabulous pea coat jackets, dress pants, stripes and mini trapeze dresses. I was mesmerized as I asked her "who made your clothes Mummy?", "Granny's friend M. Saint Laurent". It was love at first photograph.

Recently I have particularly enjoyed some of the YSL bags that are coming out, albeit now that they are owned by Gucci, how much true Saint Laurent is truly left I am not sure. I think that M. Saint Laurent freed woman to be confident in a simple wardrobe that was comfortable, sexy and stylish, not unlike Donna or Calvin in the 90's. He will be missed with his eccentricities and fabulous glasses, not to mention talent and love of fashion.

I excuse this as fitting into the home theme, by finding the most fabulous pic of M. Saint Laurent in his home eating caviar. Could it get any better as my inagural post???

"Bonne nuit M. Saint Laurent et au revoir. Nous vous manquerons."

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