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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trouble at Target

I made the mistake of going onto the website for Target today to look at some of the new Isaac Mizrahi stuff and see if there was anything new and uber cute. BIG HUGE AWFUL MISTAKE. This is only a hundredth of the stuff that I would have bought in a milla second if I could have. I am in so much trouble........Friday may mean a trip to Target. At a 2 hour drive, it really is worth it........

For $29.99 this lovely Converse One Star Navy dress would be great for the trip to the South American wedding beach portion and also on casual Fridays. For $29.99 it is truly criminal, I need this, I have to have it, I must get it:

A Target Online exclusive, damn them that I will never own this. $44.99 and how bloody cute. i would kill for this with my new Paige jeans and my pink fuscia suede Tods driving loafers. too adorable:
Check out this cute as a button blue dress from my friend Isaac. It's only $34.99. I need this. It is a need not a want. Seriously, could this be any cuter:

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